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Program Details:

Now Enrolling for Fall 2023

  • Credit Hours: 141-145
  • Courses in Program: 62
  • Cost Per Credit: Varies; see below
  • Estimated Completion Time: Three years

Build the knowledge and skills you need to provide a critical healthcare service—and become a trusted community resource—with D’Youville’s innovative online PharmD program.

As a leader in healthcare education, D’Youville is dedicated to building the next generation of pharmacy professionals and connecting them to early career success. Our Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program is designed to offer you more flexibility through online delivery and six short, key on-campus learning experiences.

Plus, it features an accelerated trimester format that combines online coursework with on-campus lab intensives at the end of each term. This allows you to complete your studies in as few as three years—one year faster than traditional PharmD programs. You’ll be ready to enter the job market a year before peers at other institutions.

When you join our program, you’ll also be joining a community dedicated helping you reach your goals. Your faculty advisor will work with you throughout your education. When you’re ready for your clinicals, we’ll work with you to find a placement site anywhere in the U.S.


  • Prepare to practice in an interprofessional patient-centered environment.
  • Assist patients in managing their medication regimens and solve problems related to drug therapy regimens.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with patients and other health care practitioners.
  • Gain skills for developing and evaluating programs to improve community health.
  • Build leadership and collaboration skills through problem sets, case analyses and class service projects.
  • Complete six different pharmacy rotations lasting six weeks each.

Three years. One PharmD program. A world of career possibilities.

As a graduate of our PharmD program, you’ll be equipped to practice at the top of your skills in clinical pharmacies, retail pharmacies, or research settings.



Trimester 1 – Year 1

  • PMD 601 Biochemical Principles I
  • PMD 603 Anatomy Physiology Pathophysiology I
  • PMD 605 Principles of Drug Action I
  • PMD 607 Prof of Pharmacy & Health Care Systems
  • PMD 611 Prof Dev of Student Pharmacist I
  • PMD 613 Patient Assessment I
  • PMD 617/619 P1 IPPE Community or P1 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 621 Topics in Pharmacy I

Trimester 2 – Year 1

  • PMD 604 Anatomy Physiology Pathophysiology II
  • PMD 606 Principles of Drug Action II
  • PMD 610 Health Communications, Diversity and Bioethics
  • PMD 612 Prof Dev of Student Pharmacist II
  • PMD 614 Patient Assessment II
  • PMD 618/620 P1 IPPE Community or P1 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 622 Topics in Pharmacy
  • PMD 624 Self-Care
  • PMD 626 Introductory Pharmacy Calculations

Trimester 3 – Year 1

  • PMD 701 Principles of Drug Action III
  • PMD 703 Pharmacotherapeutics I
  • PMD 705 Pharmacotherapeutics II
  • PMD 709 Integrated Compounding & Practice
  • PMD 711 Prof Dev of Student Pharmacist III
  • PMD 713 Pharmacogenomics
  • PMD 717/719 P2 IPPE Community or P2 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 721 Topics in Pharmacy III

Trimester 4 – Year 2

  • PMD 702 Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • PMD 704 Pharmacotherapeutics III
  • PMD 706 Pharmacotherapeutics IV
  • PMD 708 Evidence-Based Medicine I
  • PMD 712 Professional Development of a Student Pharmacist IV
  • PMD 714 Pharmacy Management
  • PMD 718/720 P2 IPPE Community or P2 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 722 Topics in Pharmacy IV
  • PMD 876 MTM IPPE I (Longitudinal)

Trimester 5 – Year 2

  • PMD 801 U.S. and N.Y.S. Pharmacy Law
  • PMD 803 Infectious Disease V
  • PMD 805 Pharm Gastrointestinal VI
  • PMD 811 Prof Dev of Student Pharmacist V
  • PMD 813 Evidence-Based Medicine II
  • PMD 817/819 P3 IPPE Community or P3 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 849 P3 IPPE CORE Readiness (Longitudinal)
  • PMD 851 P3 IPPE Long Term Care (Longitudinal)
  • PMD 859 Topics in Pharmacy V
  • PMD 877 MTM IPPE I (Longitudinal)
  • PMD 8XX One elective from the 800 level

Trimester 6 – Year 2

  • PMD 804 Pharmacotherapeutics VII
  • PMD 808 Pharmacotherapeutics VIII
  • PMD 810 Population Based Health Care
  • PMD 812 Professional Development of a Student Pharmacist IV – Gateway to Clerkship
  • PMD 814 Evidence-Based Medicine III
  • PMD 818/820 P3 IPPE Community or P3 IPPE Institutional
  • PMD 850 P3 IPPE Practice CORE Readiness (Longitudinal)
  • PMD 860 Topics in Pharmacy VI
  • PMD 854 Integrated Compounding and Practice II
  • PMD 8XX One elective from the 800 level

Trimesters 7, 8, 9 – Year 3

  • PMD 901 Institutional Clinical
  • PMD 902 Institutional Operations
  • PMD 903 Ambulatory Care Rotation
  • PMD 904 Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice
  • PMD 905 Elective A
  • PMD 906 Elective B
  • PMD 911 Pharmacy Board Exam Preparation and Practice


Please note: this program enrolled its inaugural class for the Fall 2022 term.

The D’Youville University School of Pharmacy participates in PharmCAS, the Pharmacy College Admission Service. To apply to the D’Youville Professional Pharmacy Program (PharmD), please complete the online PharmCAS application.

The PCAT is not required. However, if you have taken the PCAT, the D’Youville School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee will review and consider your test scores along with the entirety of your PharmCAS application.

You’ll need to submit:

  • Optional results of the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT, code 104);
  • Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended;
  • Two letters of reference from academic professors, employers or supervisors, and faculty or healthcare advisors;
  • Non-US citizens who have attended a foreign (non-English speaking) college or university, must take the TOEFL and TSE and have the results reported to PharmCAS.


Tuition and fees vary based on your program of study and whether you are considered a full- or part-time student. Financial aid is available for those who qualify and can be applied to full- and part-time status.

Entering the program with previous academic credit can help lower your cost. Below, you’ll find information about the potential cost of your program.

COST Total
Full Program Tuition $19,500 per trimester $175,500
Full Program Fees $445 per trimester $4,005
Full Program Total $179,505
COST Total
Estimated First-Year Salary & Additional Earning Potential $109,000
Balance After First-Year Earnings Included $70,505


Pharmacists are in demand and well compensated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median national wage for pharmacists was $128,710 as of May 2020.

For more information about the job outlook for pharmacists, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Community Pharmacists

Community pharmacists working in retail settings dispensing medications, advising patients on drug effects and interactions, and providing primary health care services such as flu and shingles vaccinations.

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists work as part of an integrated healthcare team in in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. They provide advice on dosage and timing of medications, efficacy of specific pharmaceuticals and their alternatives, and the role of medications in the treatment of a variety of health conditions and diseases.

Consultant Pharmacists

Consultant pharmacists provide advice on medications to institutions such as hospitals or health insurance companies. Some consultant pharmacists also provide direct consultation to patients through their own private practices.

Industry Pharmacists

Industry pharmacists apply their knowledge to roles in the pharmaceutical industry in areas ranging from marketing to sales to research.


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